Card Counting – Can You Win at Blackjack?

Card Counting - Can You Win at Blackjack

Card counting is based around a theory of statistical analysis. Of course this directly relates to blackjack, because when a player knows the proportion of high cards left in the deck, or decks, they can increase or decrease their bet accordingly.

Card counting systems are nowadays being offered as online downloads and for sale on the internet, so you can try to run a few card counting games for practice before risking any real bets. Online cards can also be played demo’d with minimal sums of money, unlike real casino cards where you physically have to be there and physically able to pay for the whole thing. And there are great places online to learn to play blackjack for free (try Google).

There are card counting systems like the one I describe on my site. They give you a much better idea what the next card will be, based on a mathematical complex process. These are not easy to learn and may need a lot of practice, as well. Most of the best systems being offered online cost money, and if you can’t afford to pay for a system, then get a free one from the likes of or Keep in mind that you can lose your money if you choose an unproven system, but the least you can do is try and learn the game with nothing on the line.

The unproven systems, although they cost money, are by and large easier to learn and for the most part will not involve card counting. That still doesn’t mean they are not as valuable as the ones with card counting methods, because although you will need a bit more practice, as well as some cards tested, you will not need a card counting method, to be able to bet strategically when your next visit to the casino.

When choosing a blackjack betting system you should consider choosing one that you understand, because you will need to commit it to memory and if you see the system being applied in a video game, or in person, you can’t exactly look at it and therein lay your chances of winning.

Landmarking is a great way to keep focused, but if you are at all a human being, and therefore a human being with a sense of humor, you may get bored with the repetition of the same numbers over and over, especially if they have been rotated to other parts of the screen.

One of the reasons I recommend using a system to beat the casino is that it usually entails placing the same bet on each spin of the wheel, although you may vary the size of your bet, every time. The reason for this is simply to randomize your betting, thereby eliminating any possible advantage the house or dealer may have over you. Every now and then you will see certain numbers appear on the screen and if you gamble any time you will soon realize there are favorable odds, however, I will get to that later.

Now you should be ready to go to town and make some money, but before you do so, there are a few ways you canabilize your situation.

First, use a system, such as the one I describe on my site.

The second way is simply to do a little bit of history playing.

You know, spin the reels a few times and you’ll get some numbers – those numbers are the ones you want. Those numbers are the ones that are bet most often. You just repeat the process, and you will soon be familiar with the statistics.

Another thing you can do is find a Egp88 betting guide. These are excellent for learning the various betting strategies at work, and they enable you to practice at the play table, so that you can do it without risking any money.

All of these methods are pretty much ready to use, so that you can try them out for free at your leisure.

Now that you have what I mentioned above, you can play with the odds that the casino has against you.

First, you should probably think about getting together a small group of friends and friends of yours and betting on a whim or two. If your friends are in such a mood that they are ready to bet just about anything, then you know that there’s probably nothing to hold them back from their instincts.

If you are in this situation, you need to think about whether or not you want to risk the money.

You could win at this time, but if you do, you’ll need to spend it. This may be a good time to have fun with the money, but if you lose, you lose the fun.

If you are going to bet, you should probably stick with a straightforward system or a proven strategy that you can hold on to.

There is no reason to increase your bets if you lose, except to chase your loses, and that rarely works.