The Secret of Poker Bankroll Management

For most beginners, playing poker is all about winning, winning, winning. But for those players who want to milk their poker bankroll, taking losses and making depositing money, there needs to be a different approach. It has been said that online poker is similar to war. You must sustain the pressure, but do it in a manner that does not cause unnecessary hardship to the individual and to his family.

The first thing to understand when you are applying the pressure or when you are measuring the stress to your bankroll is to determine the exact amount of money you need to start playing. This very important point ensures that you do not end up depleting your bankroll even though you are winning most of your hands.

There are two types of poker bankroll determining events. The initial event (the very first hand of the game) is the easiest and it can be determined with 100% accuracy given the starting hand rankings. The second type of poker bankroll determining event is the one that involves the actual game play. This one is more difficult to estimate and that is why it takes more time to analyze. The reason why you need to be good at this point is that the speed of the game changes with every hand and you need to keep up with the pace. If you are new to Texas Holdem all the time, you may want to start with the easy ones that you can beat easily without taking too much effort.

If you think you are capable of beating these, you can start to play at smaller stakes online. Bear in mind that at this stage you should only be playingAA, AK, JJ, TT, and AQ. Then, you should observe the play whenever you are playing a new hand. Additionally, when you are in a hand you must try to detect any tendencies in your opponents play, like if they call easily pre-flop, they will try a lot of hands that will cost you money. Observe your opponents, but be passive while your opponents are trying to catch you. Remember that the less you reveal about your hand in the early stages the better. You should not reveal any information to your opponent if you are not at ease with your hole cards.

In the later stages, you can try to steal the blinds, but be wary of your stack being eroded by hands, as you will need to be at least in the top 20% of stacks in order to try this. If you are in the blinds and notice someone is very loose and aggressive, you may want to call to get a free card. Be aware that players can pay you off when you have a weak hand.

Pay attention to your position and you can save a lot of blinds that you would have been folding in the early stages of the game. If you are in the first few positions after blind, you only have to play as best you can and you will not be given many opportunities to make a move.

During the tournament you should play tight, straightforward poker. When you have high starting cards, you should be raising your opponents while in the blinds. Watch out for the players raises, you can sometimes steal a lot of chips from them when you have a good hand.

Sometimes, you will lose your chips to other players in the later stages, so be certain you have a hand when you call the all-in. Do not call the all-in if you have a coin flip hand, unless you are short stacked.

To win at online poker tournament follow these simple but powerful instructions and improve your poker strategy now.